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1911 Luxembourg
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Description du poste About the Role
We are looking for students who are passionate about software engineering, have experience in tutoring pre-teens or teens, and have an entrepreneurial & startup mindset.

Training Program
Classroom quality is our top priority. All interns have to go through a comprehensive training program designed collaboratively by My Kwan lead instructors and professional educators. Through our program, each intern instructor picks up design philosophy of our programs, teaching strategies, classroom management strategies, and last but not least, technical concepts.
The entire program includes group discussion, self-study, lecture, activity, mock teaching, and shadowing in actual classrooms. The sessions will be hosted at the beginning of the internship program, and each intern instructor is expected to complete all the sessions.
Niveau d’études
Domaine d’activité Informatique / Technologies
Connaissances linguistiques
  • Français
  • Anglais
Connaissances de logiciels spécifiques REQUIREMENTS
● You are eager to shape the skills and minds of our next generation.
● You love to learn and expand knowledge in engineering and computer science.
● You are open minded and question the status quo.
● You have strong interest in software engineering, from mobile app development, to web programming, to hardware programming.
● You are fluent in one or more programming languages.
● You have previous engineering teaching experience, through a course, team training, etc.
Durée du contrat 2-3 mois
Début souhaité 1 juillet 2019
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